In 2020 I am working across the community with government, peak bodies, business and community organisations as well as schools and education and care services. I am leading an innovative education and care service, so I know what matters in the real education and care world. I am President of the Educational Leaders Association with a national network. I write, consult, review and lead. 

Check back here through 2020 and you will see:

  • Latest news updates
  • Research and my own project news
  • Professional Learning sessions that I develop
  • Articles that are in development or are published
  • Copies of submissions that I author and co-author
  • My Blog posts, that I write or share with other writers – this year the focus is on policy, new and emerging issues, thinkers, leaders and writers.

Working with you and your team, I offer:

  • Support developing new and innovative education and care services, taking your team into what is possible and what truly has a future for your community.
  • Professional learning, resources and programs, mentoring and coaching for Organisations, Managers, Directors, Coordinators, Educational Leaders and Educators on any aspect of the National Quality Framework.
  • Educational Leader professional role development, learning, resources and support.
  • A people and practice support system including amazing orientations and purposeful performance management and review.
  • Help to create change – meaningful, sustainable change.

For government and organisations,  I offer:

  • Issue identification, research services, regulation impact analysis, cost-benefit analysis, project proposals, submissions, reports, board, and stakeholder briefing notes and related documents.
  • Research current and potential sector issues and provide briefings on those issues to support your decision making.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.

Twitter: @doreen_blyth

Email: Doreenfblyth@outlook.com

Facebook: Educational Leaders Association

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