Its 2020 and I am back on this platform – Let’s talk education and care policy

So much has happened – I hardly know what to say so I will just point you back to my Twitter account @doreen_blyth for the regular reports that I have made on my journey.

In related news, and to catch you up, I am pleased to report that I:

  1. am putting into practice what I learned when I was on the team that developed the National Quality Framework for early childhood and OSHC services [as the Principal Policy Officer – Children’s Services in WA]
  2. consult on early and middle childhood service leadership and policy
  3. write for a closed group on early childhood education and outside school hours care policy
  4. provide professional practice learning on educational leadership
  5. write almost daily for the Educational Leaders Association as a microblog on Facebook, now with almost 7500 followers
  6. have a daily Twitter report #365realstoriesfromEC
  7. am now President of the Educational Leaders Association
  8. lead the innovative early learning and outside school hours care service [working with the most extraordinary team] at Guildford Grammar on the doorstep of the beautiful Swan Valley.

Let’s meet back here next month when we can talk about the new data we are gathering through the new ELA 2020 National Educational Leaders survey and what it will mean for Education and Care services – and early to middle childhood policy.