When we talk

‘When we talk we grow.’

Those words from a young Educator have sparked a journey into considering how we learn and lead, and into the power of conversation. This is the most critical form of professional communication but seemingly we are too busy in the workplace to spend time over it, and we compound that loss by lowering the priority of conversation and prioritising external or internally arranged professional learning sessions.

When Educators are afforded the opportunity to talk and exchange professional ideas without restriction, they share new ideas, they practice and reinforce the professional language that closely explains what they do, and they build understanding. In the current environment of short staffing – we have to ask what happens to our standards when we don’t get time to have those critical conversations?

Let’s open a dialogue about the value of conversation. Let’s remove the agenda from sections of, or whole meetings and just share ideas. Let’s slow down learning engagement to give ourselves time to think. Let’s learn in the oldest way, and on the way, value and resource this time together as Educators.

More each weekend.


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